• How old do I need to be to start using EUROPAY?
You need to be 18 years old or older to be able to use our services.
  • What is the difference between personal and business accounts?
Business accounts are different from personal accounts in a number of ways. To verify a business account for a company, you will need to submit a certificate of incorporation for the company, as well as the ID of the primary beneficiary. Business accounts feature higher deposit and withdrawal limits and can use API to automate a wide range of system operations. Certain fees may be different for business accounts subject to feature availability.
  • I did not find my country in the list, what do I do?
Due to legal and/or compliance limitations, we are unable to fully offer our services to certain countries or territories, for example, the United States. If you did not find your country in a list where your country is selected, it means we do not offer our services to your country, unfortunately. This list does not change very often, but you are welcome to check back with us in some time to see if the country was added.
  • Do I have to verify my account? 
Before verification, you can use most of the system features. We do not offer account funding via bank transfers to non-verified users. Otherwise, you can use the system within limits for non-verified users. Non-verified users can create cards, but the cards will also have much lower limits compared to verified users plus a lifetime limit after reaching which the card is blocked. We recommend verifying your account to take full advantage of the features that we offer. Please note that in certain cases and after certain transactions, verification and/or additional verification may be requested according to our security and fraud prevention practices.
  • Is it safe to send you my documents?
When we process verification submissions, we use solutions provided by idChecker, a world leader in verification and know your customer technologies. Also submitted documents are submitted to Wave Crest, our card vendor. All the data within EUROPAY is secured against any kind of unauthorised access including gaining physical access to hardware. We never disclose any account information to third parties unless we receive a court order sent to our legal address as part of an international investigation.
  • Before I verify my account, what are the limits?
Non-verified personal account owners can deposit up to $2,500 a month and $1,000 a day. They can also withdraw up to $500 a day and $2,500 a month. For internal transfers to and from other EUROPAY users, so both receiving and sending, the monthly/daily limit is $3,000. In certain cases, verification and/or additional verification may be requested according to our security and fraud prevention practices.
  • Are there any limits for verified users?
Verified personal account owners can deposit up to $250,000 per month and per day with a $99,999 per transaction limit. They can also withdraw up to $100,000 a day and $250,000 a month with a $10,000 per transaction limit. They can also transfer up to $999,000 to other EUROPAY users per day and per month with a $99,999 per transaction limit. The limits listed above are applied to internal e-wallets only. Certain system components or features (cards, bank transfers etc) may have their own limits listed on corresponding pages.
  • Is verification required to be able to order plastic cards?
It is not. You can create virtual cards and order plastic cards inside your account right after you sign up. You can complete your verification while waiting for your plastic card to be delivered to you. Full verification is required to set standard card limits listed on our website for your account.
  • I recently verified my account but my card still has limits for non-verified users. What do I do?
After you are verified within EUROPAY, we also need to submit your documents to our card vendor. It normally takes a few business days, after which they set standard verified user limits for your cards. If you think your verification is taking too long, please contact our customer support.
  • I am not receiving SMS messages, what do I do?
If you did not receive the message right away, click the 'You did not receive the SMS message?' link. The system will send another message via a different gateway. If you still did not receive the message, please check whether your phone has enough free memory for new messages and restart it. If it did not help, create a support ticket.
  • I submitted all my documents, when will you check them?
In most cases, when all the documents are in order and we can approve them right away, verification takes up to 24 hours or less. Please create a support ticket if you have questions about your verification process.
  • My verification submission was denied, what do I do?
Whenever we deny a particular document submission, we provide a reason why it was denied. Usually there is enough information in this explanation to help you re-submit the document and have it approved. Please create a support ticket if you would like to know more about your documents.